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Welcome to the wonder world of eBalak, the multimedia magazine that provides children an opportunity to have fun while they learn. A glimpse of the list of activities given below will give you an idea of just how much eBalak cares for the all round development of every child. Dive into its depths and begin your exciting journey with us.

Wonderful illustrated and animated stories that capture the imagination of the young reader.

Learning Activities
A whole big range of features and activities that help children acquire more knowledge and learn basic skills in subjects like Geography, History, Science, Maths, Language and Yoga too.

Fun Games
"Fun Games" like Picture Puzzle and Maze and "Memory Games" to keep children entertained all day long.

Video demonstrations and step by step instructions to make interesting, simple crafts with odds and ends found around the house.

Science Experiments
Simple animated easy-to-do science experiments that explain many scientific truths.

Bubbly contests that arouse and nurture the spirit of competition among children.


A platform for eBalaks to introduce themselves and share their interests.

Quizzes designed for children to test their knowledge and help them learn new things.

Riddles and Jokes
Rib tickling riddles and jokes that punctuate the more serious activities.

Proverb Corner
Age old proverbs and adages presented through interesting animations for children to guess.

Can you find This?
Playing with words and idioms through pictures and animations.

Sports is very important for a child's physical develoment. Easy-to-read write-ups on various sports that kindle children's interest in playing, and updates on sports activities around the world.

Puzzle Corner
Entertaining maths puzzles, brain teasers, number puzzles and more that can get children hooked for hours together.

News Centre

Interesting relevant children-related news to keep children up-to-date and well-informed about real happenings around the world.

Cool Magic
Simple tricks for all kids who love to watch magic and perform it too!

Interviews with leading personalities, professionals and unskilled but hard workers who inspire children to achieve greater heights.

My India
An array of features on the various cultural aspects of our country like festivals, dance, handicrafts, etc.

Language Lounge
A variety of word games that help children strengthen their language and vocabulary skills.

A presentation of facts and figures of the world's rich and varied wildlife.

Net Bytes
Interesting and entertaining tit-bits that make the rounds on the internet.

General Articles
Interesting children-friendly pictorial articles that inform and entertain.

Yes! eBalak is a one-of-its-kind complete wholesome magazine that your child richly deserves!
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